R I D G E F I E L D, W A S H I N G T O N 

celebrating 10 years of roasting amazing coffees

-Handcrafted coffee- That's what we do

Delicious, hand~crafted,

small batch, organic coffee

     roasted fresh everyday~

      Enjoy and share a cup.

Say Hello to our Roaster

coffee and bet 7.jpg

and Betsy our St. Bernard


It is evident that Mary has a great palette for coffee

and for life.  She is obsessed and dedicated to creating something exceptional wherever she goes.  She celebrates life with great enthusiasm  and looks for the positive in any given situation.  

Betsy, the St. Bernard, is a gentle giant.  Although she does not drink coffee, she loves to hang around the roasting facility and greet our guest.  She also loves a good tummy rub.


Mary's  love for coffee began when she was a young girl.

Growing up, she loved the morning. Sweet smells of freshly brewed  coffee permeated throughout the house. 

"It was like love was in the air."

  Coffee offers an exceptional way to connect with people.  It's a key component for relationships, celebrations,

special occasions and daily happiness! 

Coffee, a simply, yet necessary feast for our senses.  

Enjoy the simply pleasures of Raindrop Roasters fine handcrafted coffee.  Each coffee profile offers tantalizing, harmonious notes that, perhaps, are slightly addictive and extraordinary.


“There is nothing better than a friend,
  unless it is a friend with coffee .” 

- Mary Hunter -

our coffee beans


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